Tuesday, February 23, 2016

More ACK-Ness!

So after my 50th I had indigestion.
this indigestion has been continuing since then and go so bad that I went to
the emergency room cause I was worried I might be having heart trouble.
This came a week after I almost passed out at work due to lack of food.

Cronologically....02/04 = 50th Birthday
                           02/09 = light-headed/almost passed out at work
                           02/16 = went to ER for heart palpitations and acid reflux
                           02/21 = back to the ER for Acid reflux again
(thank God for medical insurance!)

02/09......I didn't eat at all that day and had half a cup of coffee. Later, I started
having ass pain due to me having hemorrhoids and it was just the right add
of lack of food and pain to make me all lightheaded.
I was still working though! hehe
I went home early and took the next day off too. Killed my pay. PHUKMI.

02/16.....I ate late at night and woke up with a rapid heart beat and pain all
in my chest and nausea. Went to the ER via ambulance. Turned out it was
BAD acid reflux and too much Tums anti-acids (the bottle says no more
than 10 in a 24-hour period. I took over 12 for my indigestion all day long).
They gave me a STRONG anti-acid and relaxer. Took a cab home. Sleep.
Since then I saw my doctor and he prescribed me something for it and told
me what not to eat, the 3 F's = no Fats, Fried, or Fatty Fluids like oils, etc.
SO far ok.

02/21....again, same as 02/16 but I though I had taken too much of the acid
reflux medication. This time I drove myself and it was the same situation.
I have an appointment to see a cardiologist next week for a heart stress test
so that should be....I was gonna say fun but...nope.

So really it's just a matter of figuring out What I can eat and making sure
I eat Often enough. I have to eat something substantial Plus something
with sugar every three to four hours so Lent is pretty much blown for me
this year. PHUKMI.
Also, I have to make sure not to eat too late or I don't get enough sleep.
Hopefully today I will go over my taxes with my brother. I hope to see
'Deadpool' soon but it all depends on money and time.
I am still here and still hopeful that life will get Better. It just takes time.
and hopefully I have that. =)
I'll do another update next week after the cardiology appointment.

That's all for now, Space-Pals!
Remember: Life is Insane. You're Not.

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