Friday, June 13, 2014

YAY! Trip to NYC for Special Edition: NYC comic & art con!

Hello All!
so tomorrow is the Special Edition: NYC comic book & art convention. It is a two day con where comic book writers, artists and creators are celebrated and so are most things 
comic bookish.


So I hope to upload photos and info from the con so peoples can know what all when on 
and what awesomeness was had. 
So stay tuned Space-Pals! More To Come!
Remember: Life is Insane and we are all insane for Cosplay!
especially ones that show off copious amounts of Skin! You Know it's True! lol

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Why YOU tellin me what to do....when YOU don't have You own Shit together!?

HEY! I'm Back! AGAIN!

I recently posted THIS on Facebook...

OK's the deal...
...I was going to cancel my account due to TOO many opinions flying all over you
but that is Exactly what you are about Crackbook! Everyone sharing their opinions whether they are solicited or not about anything from the state of the world to the green lump of filth someone found in their ass in the morning.
It's funny because only on Crackbook can you see someone take part in a debate or quiz or test and post their results....and then slam people for doing it the next day.
YUP! Rigid Opinions, Hypocrisy, and the right to Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Expression, Freedom of speaking our minds! RIGHT Here, online, in America!
and just remember...those whose feel opinions and test/quiz post should be squashed are attempting to squash Everyone's rights as handed down by the Constitution.
Freedom to speak your mind and say 'FUCK YOU!' to everyone!
people make me sick....

I got pissed due to the actions of friends posting stuff all over Facebook, making one post
and then Totally contradicting themselves on the next one! I know that they have a variety of
ideas and opinions and they are entitled to them but to contradict them no more than a day later?
And then go back to doing the same shit before!?
If I wuz dating them I be tearing my hair out right now....which would be painful cause the only
hair I have left is 'round my 'sexy man bits'....OUCH!

Living in America, we are all entitled to our opinions no matter how right or left wing
(whatever the hell that means) they are. However, if people do not have the consistency to say
one thing and stick to it, without contradicting themselves or showing themselves as hypocrites,
then I can't listen to what they have to say anymore.
and that's sad cause my friends are among the smartest, creative, funny and enlightened people
I know. Makes sense cause I'm that way too! hehe

meh. whatever. Freedom of Speech and all that....

That's all for Now, Space-Pals!
Remember: Life (and possibly Your friends) is Insane. You're Not.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Double movie reviw - 'Son of God' and 'Noah'...or....didn't mean to go all religious on yous...BUT...

Hello again folks!
I keep having trouble doing this weekly but I'll redouble my efforts to do so
TWO Movie bastard Dave lol....

First = 'Noah' (WARNING: SPOILERS!)

'Noah' is of course based on the biblical passages in Genesis of how Noah was chosen by God
to save the animals of the Earth cause man was corrupt and needed to be...well...Gone.
Saying that this movie takes liberties with the Bible to make the movie more dramatic is a
true understatement. Rock giants help and defend Noah and his family and man's corruption
is not just of the soul but also of the physical and technological kind. Man is seen as having
steam power and almost rifles. It as if the writer and director decided that moral corruption
wasn't enough but they had to put in that humans were destroying the earth, or their little
corner of it as well.
This is not to say that the movie Isn't good. The performances given by all were well done and,
other than one scene where I felt it was slightly overacted by Emma Watson (who play's Shem's
wife), compelling and engaging performances. You care about what happens to this family.
Russell Crowe has gone for a minimalist performance as Noah in depicting his struggles with
what he is to do and how to understand and interpret God's will. This makes the movie more
stressful in discovering how it will end and play out.
As usual, I went to a matinee (to save MONEY!) so I would say if you are interested in seeing this
then, as I do, go to a matinee and save money. It's a good quasi-religious film which uses Noah's
beliefs, faith and devotion to show that good people can overcome bad situations or bad people.

'Noah' gets a Thumbs Up (but not Way up)

Second = 'Son of God' (WARNING: SPOILERS)
( Second warning: being a Catholic myself, Jesus will Always be capitalized as will the words
   'Him' (and related), 'God' (and related) and the like. If you have trouble with this stop reading)

'Son of God' is the story of Jesus of Nazareth from the time when he starts gathering his apostles
to John's vision of Him after Jesus' resurrection while he was in exile. The footage is taken from
the History Channel's mini series 'The Bible' which tried to depict a more realistic view of BC
Israel and the Middle East. The mini series was great and gave a feeling that one could actually
feel what it was like to live then sans heat and little cover.
It is well done and makes the viewer see not just the spirituality and faith of the apostles and
Jesus but also the humanity of them all. You see the astonishment of the people reflected in the
apostles faces when Jesus heals the cripple and tells him to get up and walk. You see the humanity
of Jesus when he stops to speak to children with a smile and joy, even when he is talking about
the destruction of the Jewish temple. Diogo Morgado brings a humanity to Jesus that has not been seen since Robert Powell's portrayal of Him in the 1977 mini series 'Jesus of Nazareth'. Not only
is he charismatic but he is confident and playful, as if he knows what's going to happen before it
does as sees wonder and a little amusement in it. All the parts are well acted and engaging and
Peter's portrayal by Darwin Shaw is strong and confident. He shows how much of a true leader
Peter will become not just in his faith but in his no nonsense, too-the-point bluntness as to what to
believe and how to follow Jesus.
As usual, I went to a matinee (to save MONEY!) but this is a movie that should be enjoyed. If you
want to see 'Son of God' then just go. This is a movie Worth the time and money. It is a good
religious film that shows a realism to the time and a humanity to the story that makes it a Better

'Son of God' gets a Thumbs Way Up

OK. so I saw 'Captain America; The Winter Soldier' and I'll do a review on that in a few weeks
after most people have seen it so I don't spoil too much of it.
Hopefully tomorrow I will do an actual 'David D. Life Update' blog so stay tuned!

That's All for Now, Space-Pals!
Remember: Life is Insane. You're Not.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Movie Review - Robocop (2014) WOW!

I saw the new ROBOCOP a few weeks ago and have been meaning to say something about it...


First, it was GREAT! It was an excellent remake of a great movie! There were many differences and
overall it is really good.
The premise is the same - cop Alex Murphy is severely injured in the line of duty and is used for an
experimental project and giving him his life back - but it stops there. The corporation, Omni Corp., is
looking to put robots on the streets of America to aid in defense and crime prevention and control.
The government has said NO and Omni Corp. is looking to 'work around' this no. In walks what is
left of Alex Murphy. Murphy and his partner, John Lewis, are after a crime boss. The boss gets word
of this from dirty cops and Murphy is blown up in a car bomb. Murphy gets used for Omni Corp's
project and Robocop is born.
There are many differences in this new version that I found refreshing. Cops going after crime bosses
and doing police work for one and the fact that both Murphy and Lewis are not 'beat' cops but detec-
tives. Lewis being a black man/African-American man was a great modernization, and makes a Lot of sense, as the movie takes place in Detroit, a city with a large African-American population.
In fact, several African-Americans are in this film, most notable one of the dirty detectives, the cap-
tain of Murphy's division, and Cameo's of TV News Reporter/Opinionist Pat Novak played by the
ever vibrant and energetic Samuel L. Jackson
Also, this update makes all the characters more human and thus makes the movie more human, ask-
ing the question what it Really means to Be human. This is a major plot point as most of Murphy's
body is gone. Only his head, hand and respitory organs and heart remain. Murphy isn't so much a
man in a robot's body as he is a robot with human parts and Murphy, well played by actor Joel
Kinnaman, struggles with this and how he can be a husband and father to his family when so little
physical humanity remains. He takes us through a convincing journey to his humanity and back to
his family by the movies end.
All the actors and actresses in this film were great and Gary Oldman, playing the part of Dr. Dennett
Norton, adds a great amount of humanity to the film, struggling with what he is creating verses how
to help Murphy save his family and humanity.
The only part of this remake that falls remotely flat is the part of Raymond Sellars, played by Michael
Keaton. Not due to Keaton's acting but due to the ambiguous way Sellars is portrayed through much
of the movie. We know he is just interested in getting robots on the streets of America but he does not
feel sinister or...'Corporate' enough until maybe the third act of the film. Again, Keaton plays this part well but through the script he just doesn't come off as a really bad guy. Just someone looking to make
money and that's were the whole humanizing of this remake fails a bit.
Overall, this remake is Great and shows the humanity of all the persons involved, sometimes to the
slight detriment of the film.
If you haven't seen it, Go See this movie remake! It's worth the time!

( I made this a bit short so if I didn't hit on some things y'all's will just have to go see the movie to get them answered!)
My next movie review will be on 'Son of God' sometime this weekend.

That's all for Now, Space-Pals!
Remember: Life is Insane. You're Not.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

New Year New Post! = WELCOME to 2014! Same old, same Old....

Hello all! Thanks for being patient and coming back to the blog that is all about things
David M. DiFrancesco!

Sorry to start off this year with a RANT but....needs...heh...

so I play video games and computer games - I have an Xbox 360 and a PC that I play games on - and I like playing RPG's, specifically MMO's. ( look up MMO if you don't know what it is, Chummly)
I have play World of Warcraft (WoW to the players) the Star Wars MMO (SW:TOR - Chummly),
Guild Wars 2 and Neverwinter MMO. all are great fun and very social!

However it's when people forget this social aspect that the fun stops.
I was playing one of these games a while ago and running through a dungeon, a small isolated part of the game that is more challenging - a player can only run through these successfully with other players, usually 5 but certain ones allow for more players - and while playing I noticed one of the group members had left. I looked back at the chat log and noticed this player said 'Kallista (my character) doesn't know her role. This is lame. I'm out.' and just left.
Not only did this shock me that someone would leave in the middle of a fight but that I was singled out as not knowing what I was doing when I was told what to do at the start of the dungeon trek.
This got me to thinking that no matter where you go or what you do someone will always belittle you
and make you look and feel like a fool simply because they can.
Was this person right? Maybe.
Did they do it in a respectful way to the whole group? HELL NO!

I took time away from the game and thought about what had happened and did it Really matter.
After all it's just a Game right?
People don't make these games their lives Right?

From what I have experienced over the years, players of these games, and tabletop games, take them
Way too seriously. Maybe their Real Lives are shit so they can feel Strong and Mighty (RUNDMC!)
in these games and when someone does play the way they do it breaks their reality?
I have no clue but I know me and that I never Really care what people think about me, especially someone who would rather call me lame and then make our game more difficult and not as fun for not just me but the other people in the game group.
OK...I can Hear you "But DDF? Why the FISHNICK should we care? As You said 'It's Just a Game'!

Yes but here is the thing....people behave this way because they feel entitled in their strength in these games.
and if they feel that way in a Game....could they possibly take that into Real Life and screw with people's heads?

SO Chummly all's I'm sayin' is that be kind to people in you All your walks of life....cause maybe you are coming off as a jerk,
I could be more ranty'm over it....I will improve. He might stay a jerk. lol

OH and if you don't Like what I'm writing?

That's all for Now, Space-Pals!
Hope to see you back her again soon.
Remember - Life is Crazy (and so are some people!). You're Not.
Me Too Neither! UMP!