Sunday, March 31, 2013

log 24

Happy Easter Space - Pals!

Christ is Risen! Hallelujah!
This was my first thought when I woke up this morning.
Not 'thank god lent is over', not even 'Excellent! Game of Thrones is on tonight!'
But that Jesus Christ, my lord and savior who died on the cross for everyone's sins, 
is Risen from the dead.
Not 'happy zombie Jesus day' but that He rose from the dead, triumphing over death, 
to Ultimately ascend into Heaven to judge the living and the dead!
If you don't believe that's fine but please
Do Not call Easter 'zombie Jesus day'!
I find it inappropriate and offensive!

That's all for Now, Space - Pals!
Remember: Life is Insane (and so are some people who call Easter 'zombie Jesus day').
You're Not (unless you call Easter 'zombie Jesus day').

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Howdy all!
So watching BRAVEHEART and realizing there are a lot of good quotes and scenes in this movie!
...just realizing how difficult Lent is and how we really have it easy.
For about 40 days Catholics are supposed to fast in observance of Jesus' time in the desert
and his passion leading up to his crucifixion and resurrection.
We get to eat one meal a day and drink as much as we want.
If we were to Really show devotion, Catholics would put their faith in God and not eat
until the situation presented itself.
Human beings are too dependent on their bodies and too willing to indulge their weaknesses.
Lent is all about having Faith and giving up any control or weaknesses you have
in order to allow God into you life and have Him show you how to be a Better Catholic.
Being a better catholic doesn't mean not eating.
It means putting your well-being into God's hands and having the Faith to say
"YOUR will be done, God. Not mine."
I gave up a lot of stuff for Lent this year but I feel Better about Lent this year than I have Ever.
I feel that my heart, soul and my Faith has been giving freely and willingly to God
and to do what He needs me to do. his will not mine.
I have fallen but I have gotten back up and kept on with it.
Before I would be discouraged and figure that the whole day was blown so what does it matter.
I feel more....willing to follow my Lenten obligations and I Want to.

That's all for now, Space-Pals!
Remember: Life is Insane. Your Not.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Log 22

Hid-e-ho Space-pals!
So it's been a while since I have posted anything and here's why...

...for the past month I have had this cold/sinus infection/flu pandemic
 that Everyone has had and I'm finally over it!
I never had a fever or body aches but I have had green mucus and Majorly tired.
It's given me a lot of time to think and realize that health is a really important thing!
I mean spending a whole month inside and doing basically nothing
but watching TV and movies and going 'ugh, I'm sick' makes me realize how important
Sunlight, moving and healthy breathing make a person feel Better and stay healthy.
And then, after I was over my sickness I pulled a muscle in my back...sleeping...
So all this damage to my body has made me realize - not for the first time -
That I need to take better care of myself and my body
Probably Not eating healthy and getting enough sleep set me up for sickness
in the first place...I don't know why the hell I pulled a muscle in my bac sleeping...
...probably because I am too damn fat in the first place!

That's all for Now, Space-Pals!
Remember: Life is Insane. You're Not.

Monday, February 18, 2013

log 21

hello Space-Pals!
just sitting here listening to The Matt & Pat Show episode 10
and laughing my ASS off!
I'd love a shirt that says Throat-drops! lol
ok if you want to listen go to

anyway....i guess i'm on a lameness of people kick right now
cause something happened to me last week that was just really lame
and it's making me wonder about society... i worked at 4am on Wednesday 02/13/13 and was pretty tired
and really running on fumes but i needed to get my prescriptions.
so i went to the drug store and i was waiting in line
and the guy in front of me, at the counter getting his meds, turns around and yells
'if you're gonna stand that close kiss me at least but really give me some space!'
so i backed up without saying anything to him.
now i had no idea that i was standing too close to him! I was just standing
and zoning out and waiting!
now if this guy had turned around and had said 'can you back up you're standing too close'
i would have said sorry i had no idea and would have backed up.
this guy had created a scene and gone to an extreme or was dramatic instead of being civil.

(ARIEL WAS the name of the sorcerer chick on Thundarr the Barbarian!)

so i posted this on my facebook page and asked a question -  is society becoming more
dramatic and extreme? or was I just being too sensitive?
Most of the responses from my friends said what They would have done in that situation
but, with the exception of 3 people, they didn't answer the question.
Now the fact that my friends supported me and basically told me what a Chump this guy was
made me feel really good, supported and I thank all of them for doing that. You guys ROCK!
My brother was the first one to reply and answer the question and i thought that was Awesome too!
However, in telling me What they would have done they answered the question.
Most of them would have been just as if not more dramatic or extreme as this guy at the drugstore.
So that tells me that Yes society IS dramatic and extreme.
this is not the only situation i have been in or have seen that makes me think this recently.
The shooting in CT recently, how people respond to each other at my job, how they deal
or not deal with each other at the mall, how people (including me) would rather get tickets for
a movie at a computer terminal instead of going to an actual person, and even how people drive
(this last one not so much cause people change A LOT when they get behind the wheel of a car).
It just makes me think that I don't belong in 'civilized society' and maybe that DOES make me
too sensitive! I don't know!
All I know is that if I had been at the counter getting my meds and someone was standing too close
to me I would have turned around and said "MOTHERFUCKER! BACK THE FUCK UP!"
i would have said  'you are standing to close please back up or take a step back? thank you.'
although I would love to go all extreme on someone
and there ya go....

That's all for Now, Space-Pals!
Remember: Life and 'Society' is Insane. You're Not.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Log 20

When I reach log 25 ill do something
special but for now what to talk about?
How about...the Weakness of people...

...I heard some stuff about a Good Friend
at work and I decided not to believe it or
listen until this friend told me about it.
They told me about it and I realized just
how Lame management at my job Really
is! They handled the situation VERY unprofessionally and created chaos and
perpetuated Bullshit in the work place!
Now I can't say who and what happened
But it was just lame!
It was SO lame that I don't know come
my review if I'm gonna stay at my job.
I might just give my notice.
I'm just REALLY disappointed with my
management team and I'm starting to
see them as they are - human beings
who are petty and lame.
It's just lame.

That's all for now, Space-Pals!
Remember: Life is Insane. You're Not.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

log 19

And Garlic Pizza!

You didn't come in at the middle
of a conversation
Just talking to a sick friend

Happy 2013!
I have planned a lot for this year
ill see how much I accomplish
Lots of change I'm wanting to effect
in my life
to create a Better future
and one of the things I will do
is blog more and get away from FB
at the beginning of the new year
I just want to say that the future
looks Bright and Better
hopefully I'm not wearing tinted

That's all for Now, Space-Pals!
Remember: Life is Insane.
You're Not.