Friday, July 20, 2012

Log 14

No more morose CRAP!
This is mostly
or Should be mostly
about my weight loss
which is going Well
Staying at 312 for a while
which is Good considering
the month
I've been having
I said I finished a small intro
for 'Tales'
Well I have also finished one
of the tales! YAY!
Don't have a title yet but it'll come
I'm gonna put it on my Mac
then anyone who wants to read
the rough
just email me!
So....There ya go!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

log 13

So it's hailing now
Been on/off rain and sun w/humidity
for most of the day.
Power went out at 2pm
back on at 5:20pm
now down again
due to Hail? I think so!
Soooooo.....goes with my mood
Feels like I've been given a
Big Chore by God
and I'm getting the short end
of the deal
for the rest of my life
( yay power back! )
They say...whoever They are...
that crazy people don't know
that their crazy.
I think they do know and
Is what makes them crazy!
Anyway...Terminus Est

That's all for Now Space-Pals!
remember.....uh...maybe not today...

I realize that this recent stuff
coincides with the situation
with this woman I work with
(bad English)
it has Nothing to do with her
It's all about me and my shit
and how I've had few gf's
and many rejections
and that I FINALLY realize Why
and that realization makes
and how ill never be the same

Terminus Est

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

log 12

Need a mature woman that wants me for Me...a Man.
but now I have to focus on my health
and fitness and writing
My Future
so a woman will be a bonus

I feel like a large weight has been
lifted off me but it's bittersweet
I have to do things that make me
focus on Me
and that means some people
are going to get hurt
and some people will be mad
and some will hate
and I've set that up
so I can do what I Need to do
for me and my future.
It might be a lonely future
but, even as a kid as like an adult
Now, a relationship...a woman
in my life...
...has Always been an afterthought...
...God's Honest Truth

That's all for Now, Space-Pals!
remember: Life is Insane.
You're Not.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

log 11

still awake
drank a lot of caffeinated soda today
so thats probably why

interesting chain of events that lead me to being Very Happy today!

this whole thing with this co-worker just lead me to imagine
what it would be like, and how I would feel, to be with
the 'One, Right Woman'.
I imagined her as a blond
probably cause i been thinking about Marilyn recently
and that we Completely bonded and things just Fit together
like jigsaw puzzle pieces
and I realized that I would feel
like that scene in Disney's ALADDIN
he and Jasmine are on the balcony, they kiss, she leaves
and he says 'YES!' and falls backward onto Carpet
That's me! hehe
cause I imagined my woman as a blond
i thought about the first woman I fell in love with
Christy Fair
Her long, blond-blond hair,
her awesome face and how, when she smiled,
her whole face lit up!
I remember her fondly.
Now I'll never see her again
and that's Cool
but its good to know that even though no woman
gives me a second thought now
( which is Good for now )
some women have been attracted to me
and have loved me!
It just makes me feel Really Good
and Happy!

of this co-worker, things are like they normally are
and I guess I never paid attention to it before
but we are just kind and civil to each other
don't go out of our way to talk to each other
and say little to each other
so I overreacted
and I do that sometimes
and that's Cool
at least no one got hurt
and I had a Good Sunday Work day
for the first time in a Long time!
so it's all Good!
Life is getting Better!
I Fell Better about me, my weight, my life!
I'm writing More
and I feel Happier and More Confident about myself!
Good things coming!
I think that will be all for now, Space-Pals!
remember: Life is Insane. You're Not!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Log 10

Found out through a friend
that this woman isn't interested
in me and is dating someone.
Oh well...her loss...heh...and
she doesn't know it and
Probably never will.
It's all Good
off to the Next Adventure!

Finished brief history of
Florentine and working on story
New one for "Tales"

Been watching Breaking Bad
the show is Awesome!
Almost done with season 3

That's all for Now, Space-Pals!
remember: Life is Insane.
Your Not

Monday, July 2, 2012

log 9

blah blah blah.....what do I say when there is nothing to say?
I've written more...i'll speak more on that later...
if I could have Any one woman it would either be Rita Hayworth or Marilyn Monroe.
Both were intelligent, pretty, sexy and just amazing!
and you can tell all that in just their faces!
that's what matters....pretty face, Great smile, Great laugh and sense of humor
uh...tired...shleepers Larry
talk later....