Monday, December 10, 2012

log 18

So I'm back and feeling Much Better emotionally!
Physically my lower back hurts again...shit...
All I did was sleep from 7:30pm to 4:50am
when the day before I had trouble sleeping
So...I'm in pain
took two Tylenol and it still hurts
Hope I feel better by tomorrow gotta work
Anyway is cool...other than my back...

Been reading old writing and realized that I'm pretty damn creative
all the ideas about advanced technology and changes to society
Makes me really want to explore everything I've written
and see where I can take it
and anyone who doesn't support me can suck my left nut
And that ain't no cashew!

I wish life was easier  and that I could do what I want and not work
for someone else
but I can't
So all I can do is just follow through with life
and accept what happens and go on
God will provide what I need
and what He doesn't I can get myself

That's all for now, Space-Pals!
Remember: Life is Insane. You're Not

P.S.: Play SW: TOR f2p!