Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Again!? GEEEZ!

Howdy friends and neighbors in the Interwebs out there!

So I have posted about my new job (same as the old job) at Berkshire Coop...
...I have found that many people I work with have the same personalities or types to the ones
at Joe's. There is the struggling musician (many of those), the Quiet ones, the Nice ones, the
conspiracy 'nut', the friendly boss that we don't know what he does all day, the grumpy person
who Barely smiles or enjoys his job, and the Nutcase.
Recently, with the help of friends at work, I have realized that the female Nutcase is trying to
get me interested in her. She IS attractive - yeah I'd do her =) - but I realized that she has problems
and she would be using me for...whatever it is she wanted to use me for...i'm sure it's Not for sex...

Actually I realized this before, myself, but I just wanted some confirmation as to what was going on
cause I haven't been there long - since mid-September of last year - so I didn't know the in's and out's.

Now she is nice and seems nice when she isn't a bitch to her coworkers or moody cause things
didn't go 'her way' or she has to work harder, but...yeah...there is All that Other stuff that makes
me say "yeah No I've been through this and it's poison soooo so are you so No"

I just really wish I could find a woman who Isn't crazy or trying to use me for her selfish means or
is working on her issues to be better for herselfandrealizeswhoIamandthatI'maManandactually


also, the job is an hour away and the pay isn't something I can Live off of and I have All these debts
and I feel like I'm choking....AAAAAHHHHHH!

That's all for Now, Space-Pals!
Remember: I'm Insane. You're Not.

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