Thursday, January 21, 2016

Well That didn't work out....

So Obviously I didn't get back to this on Sunday...
So here we are again, another year and another attempt to restart my blog... I was saying I have a job...
to give some background, I took 2014 off from working to take care of my parents ( my mother is in her 
early 80's and my step-father, who had a stroke a number of years ago, is in his middle 70's ) and to write 
one or more novels. Since that time, I ran out of money, I didn't finish a novel and my folks got better so I 
had to get a job to pay my bills and debts.
So...I have a job... is much like work at Trader Joe's, retail work, but the pay and benefits are significantly less than Joe's.
which makes sense cause I was at Joe's for almost 20 years and and I've been at this current job since 
September 18th of 2015. It is at the Berkshire Co-op Market in Great Barrington, MA and it takes about
and hour to get to work, so two hours total travel time a day. This comes out to $40 in gas a week so $160 
a month which blows cause I don't make more than $13 an hour and work less than 30 hours a week.
so yes Mucho Suckage right now.
It's a Good job working with Cool people ( a few of the women are HAWT! hehe ) but the gas money per 
month is Killing me. So I am looking for something closer to home...
I've been writing consistently (30 minutes a day) since the beginning of the year and it's made me Very Happy! I feel like something is actually coming together and it feels nature and organic.
Maybe when I get home today I will say more here...

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